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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Album Review: Long Live The King Vol​.​1 by King Reegz (@KingReegz)

King Reegz's new album Long Live The King Vol.1 is jammed packed with talent across the board. The overall quality of the album is very professional and has a clear sound. Very crisp and clean. The lyrical content is raw and very well arranged with thick vocal layering. The production is amazing and each track provides a unique sound which really compliments King Reegz. "Raise A Toast" is a track full of personality and has a strong steady melody making this track really easy to listen to and get into. Its hard to pin point the strongest track because they are all great in their own way. Definitely an album you can pop in and listen to each track in depth. This album goes hard and you can clearly hear how much passion and hard work was put into this project. Not to mention anyone who like's hip hop could find a song on this record that they love! This is a prime example of an artist chasing his dreams. Be on the look out for King Reegz because we will definitely be hearing much more of him!

Reviewed By: Ben Morino

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