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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Album Review: Universal Language by Dregs One X Ill Sugi (@GasMaskColony @EQUIPTO @ill_sugiee)

Universal Language by Dregs One and Ill Sugi has a nice and chill vibe to it. The record is solid and has a great production value. Each song has a meaningful message and hits the listener exactly how it was intended to. Universal Language is a classic example of underground hip hop. Great structure through out the album and each producer delivered a unique sound and style. The record is very enjoyable and deffinantly something you can listen to when you are in a chill mood causing through the city. This project is backed by France's own Cascade Records. The overall sound is pleasing and has a full sound. Dregs One and Ill Sugi were defiantly blessed in the production and recording aspect. Everyone who had a part in this record worked very well together. True Beauty Ft. Priscilla is a very interesting track. It has a nice smooth jazz swing to it. Very unique and something that isn't done as much as it should. Overall this project is impressive and professional. Be on the look out for Universal Language releasing on Cascade Records. We will be hearing much more from these two in the future! Reviewed By Ben Morino

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