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Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Video: G-Eazy Speaks with Sway in the Morning (@G_Eazy @RealSway)

G-Eazy has an aura to him. Joking about being the most prolific struggle rapper as he takes a seat next to a fellow Oakland legend, G-Eazy is ready to dissect every aspect of the album he worked nonstop on for the last year as he enters the Sway in the Morning studios.

"This is my naked truth," G-Eazy says to Sway as they start to converse about the openness presented on his sophomore release, "When It's Dark Out." With songs ranging from the thunderous "Random" to the introspective "Sad Boy," this body of work has been eye-opening for many who have pressed play.

Between explaining the daunting task of finding a balance in music and personal things, Gerald discusses overcoming stage fright early on and his tendency to be overly detail oriented.

Taking calls from fans that have been with him since his mixtape days, it's easy to see that many people feel like they've been on this long journey to the top right along side the Oakland native. Transitioning into Lyrical Breakdown, we hear G-Eazy dissect the story behind the stand out track on his album featuring Kehlani titled "Everything Will Be Okay."

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