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Friday, January 29, 2016

Mixtape Review: 1st & 15th by LB Tha Wolf (@LBthaWolf)

LB Tha Wolf is coming to you from Stockton Ca. His mixtape 1st and 15th is full of hard hitting instrumentals and raw lyrics. Along with great recording quality this record is mixed perfectly. Each track has solid delivery along with sweeping melodies. The track " She Dig Me " produced by Purps from 808 mafia is a strong track on the record. He addresses his relationship with his lady in a personal way. The beat and lyrics flow perfectly with each other. Overall you can expect every track on this mixtape to have the same solid flow along with great production from some of our favorite tracks with Wolf's unique spin on them. 1st and the 15th is live now and you can it here be on the look out for LB Tha Wolf because you will be hearing much more from him! Reviewed By, Benjamin Morino

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