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Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Video: Philthy Rich on Crooked Cops Pinning Drugs on Him After He Refused to Snitch (@PhilthyRichFOD @vladtv)

Rapper Philthy Rich shares his experience dealing with corrupt cops in the Bay area and details a few uncomfortable past run-ins. During his sit-down with DJ Vlad, Philthy recalls a time when police demanded him to cooperate and divulge information regarding a murder. As he kept mum, he says the police decided to arrest him and pin an unknown amount of crack cocaine on him."They said they got it off me." When I went to court, it was his testimony against mine." He says instead of fighting it; he decided to take a deal despite being innocent.

Another time, Philthy says he was in his Bently with three other Black men when he was pulled over. Although he admits that he was riding "dirty," the officer checked his paperwork and asked why the car smelled like weed. Philthy tells DJ Vlad that he doesn't smoke, and the car was odorless of any drugs. Eventually, the cop didn't like Philthy's response and demanded that he get out of the car over claims of probable cause.

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