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Monday, October 10, 2016

New Music: Lovely by Shako Shake (@shakoshake @thedepotsf @thegrillstudios @ksfsmedia)

It all started with placing Lego pieces together. From four years old, his parents knew the Orange County-raised recording artist and producer had the capability to build. The now 21 year old built everything from homes with modern amenities to battleships with on-board weapons. By the time the emerging Bay Area rapper attended Northwood High School, he learned to express his creativity through software. Designing posters, album covers, and flash advertisements came naturally when he first touched Adobe's Creative Suite in Mr. Quigley's Graphic Design class. But everything changed when his grandmother spent the $75 at Best Buy to get him Sony Acid Music Studio. The soon to be Nigerian and Irish musician was instantly addicted when dragging the first kick sample into the playlist and recording his first vocals on his iPod microphone. Every day he would place new sounds together, create melodies, and write. By the time his father figured out he was spending four to five hours after school building music, he did everything he could to keep the aspiring artist's attention on other fields more financially promising than the music industry. In hopes to honor his father, he told him he would quit creating music and took on Electrical Engineering at San Francisco State University in Fall 2011. This would be a lie Shako wouldn't regret.

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