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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sly (@TheSlyShow) speaks with @TheRealMugzi on 11/16/16

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Sly catches up with Mugzy aka Mugzilla. Mugzy is E-40's youngest brother and is the CEO of "3030 Sick Wid It," which is a division E-40's Sick Wid it Records. Mugzi is no stranger to the music business having seen it all go down over the years, Mugzi's group "The Mossie" was very instrumental during the Hyphy Movement era, as they put out hits such as, "Go ignant," and "Throw it up." Sly considers Mugzy a Bay Area Boss! Today, Mugzi has new music, is a certified fitness trainer, and is all around just taking care of business. Sly and Mugzi spoke for about 40 mins, played new song "To The Ceiling ft T-Millz" and vibed out. Sly has always respected the entire Sick Wid It Family, as it's well known E-40 is Sly's favorite rapper. All in all, good times and check out this entertaining, informative, podcast!
Purchase Mugzi's new single "To The Ceiling" ft T-Millz

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