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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sly (@TheSlyShow) speaks with @Barrio2Barrio for 2 hours straight!

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For the past 12 years, No Love aka: Barrio 2 Barrio has become somewhat of a fixture within in Bay Area Chicano community. "No Love," an east bay resident has earned the name " Barrio Historian" as he's documented some of the inner happenings of barrio life around the west coast and beyond. Sly has known No Love in his 12 years of doing The Sly Show, and there's always been a level of mutual respect. Sly and No Love talk for a good 2 hours about everything from: Election, Kaepernick, Oakland A's, Gay Cholos, Social Justice Warriors, among other engaging topics. Take a listen as two Mexican's from two different walks of life have a normal convo! this is a good one! Be on the lookout for more of No Love and Barrio 2 Barrio brand making appearances on The Sly Show.

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