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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

@TheSlyShow has partnered with @BayAreaCompass


The Sly cordially announces that they now partnered up with Bay Area Compass Media. The Sly Show and Bay Area Compass will be cross promoting, producing original content such as Podcasts, Videos, etc. It’ll be beneficial for both websites to come together and continue to grow the Bay Area sound . Bay Area Compass will continue to feature The Sly Show’s bay mixes, and The Sly Show will be producing a podcast that will have Sly and Bay Area Compass founder “Lex illa” bullshitting, playing music, talking sports, etc. This just proves the Bay can get along as long as your ego isn’t a personality disorder. Those unaware, Bay Area Compass is a music blog that focuses on the Bay Area rap scene through YouTube Vids, Blog Posts, Album Artwork, etc. “They have embraced everything we've done, always been real with us, and i wanted to extend that” Sly explains. Sly has also stated that some plans that aren’t being discussed are in the works so it will be very interesting to see how all this pans out! Look out for Bay Area Compass making appearances on, in podcast form!

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