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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sly (@TheSlyShow) and @MikeyMoTheMc talk about random #f*ckery + #NewMusic was premiered!

Mikey Mo The MC is a Rapper, US. Marine, Videographer, Husband, and a Father of Twin-5-year-old-girls! Sly has known Mikey Mo for just about as long as he's been doing this Sly Show. It's been a few years since they talked on-air, or in off-air for that matter, so it was long over due for a show w/ Mikey! Those that weren't around back in 2009'ish. Sly was living in Los Angeles, walking red carpets, and that's around the time Mikey did a song for The Sly Show titled: " This is The Sly Show," and since then, this song has been has been a music fixture on, as Sly has always considered a " Sly Show Classic." Mikey initially made an appearance to premiere his song " Mikey Mo's Theme," which was played on today's show, along with some new music, along with a random selection of fuckery-filled-topics. Topics from today's show included: MMA Talk, PTSD, Marine, 880 Freeway, Father Life, Movies, Porn, + much much more. You can expect more of Mikey Mo and Sly coming with another show, as Mikey is planning to release some new music and continue his career as a skilled MC. Follow Mikey Mo on Twitter and Instagram

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