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Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Video: Somebody by E-40 ft. Ricco Barrino (@E40 @RiccoBarrino @Prohoezak)

E-40 still commands an uncanny level of attention and respect after being in the game for almost 30 years. A strong example of 40 Water's ability to hold our attention is "Somebody," the newest visual from Book 1 of his 2016 double-album The D-Boy Diaries Book 1 & 2 produced by ProHoeZak. "Somebody" finds E-40 screening clips of his historic career in a gorgeous theater, pensively observing his life story from a balcony seat. Ricco Barrino who is known for his feature on the Colonel Loud "California" alongside of T.I. and Young Dolph delivers soaring, emotive vocals throughout. Undeniably related to award winning artists Anthony Hamilton as well as Jodeci's KC and JoJo, Barrino reflects on his inspiration and motivation behind "Somebody." "When you pray for something, envision it happening, prepare yourself and then it happens, you know it's GOD. It was always a dream of mine to work with the man E-40 so when he called and told me he knew I could do it he really gave me the extra confidence that sealed the deal. It's nothing like waiting the longest to do a service with another solid individual to create greatness," says Ricco Barrino.

On "Somebody," E-40 reflects on the decisions he's made throughout his life. The song is a homage to Freddie Jackson's "Have You Ever Loved Somebody." "The boy Rico Barrino came up with the hook. In this song, I'm somebody trying to be somebody, says 40, not so much as a rapper, but as an ordinary guy. I'm talking about - should I buy a food truck, should I get in the tech world and create an app? Where am I going in life in life with this shit? I’m playing the narrator. "Got a couple of kids to raise/So it's a Catch-23/Should I get a job/Or go back to pushin' the D?/Should I call my plug/And ask him to front me a key?/Should I get my recommendation/Papers for trees."

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