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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bay Area Compass Radio w/ @MikeMeezy (03-22-17) via: @TheSlyShow

Mike Marshall is a Singer, Producer, and a Farmer. Mike, most notably known as being part of the popular 80s group, "The Timex Social Club," along with being heard on many, many, classic Bay Area Rap songs through the 1990s into the Hyphy Era. Mikes a legend, he's battled with labels, been black balled, had his work copied and given no credit, fought a horrible drug addiction and now proudly calls himself a farmer along with applying his skills to producing music. Additionally, Mike Marshall can be heard on: "Javifornia." Now available for $10.00 in our online shop! Sly caught up with Mike and they talk about it all. Everything from, Timex Social Club, Rumors Song, False Rumors about him, Bay Area Rap Songs he's on, him being a DJ, Farm Life, + much more. Insightful, Informative and yes, fuckery for sure. Mike came with some new music as well, and in true Sly fashion, we blasted it off. Great Podcast.

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