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Friday, July 21, 2017

D.A. Freshout - Goin Up (Album Review)

D.A. Freshout's new E.P. Going Up (Hella Bandz) is hard hitting album that was released this year. This project was produced by PUSHINKEYSPROD. The lyrical content on this E.P. is well thought out and you can tell a lot of work went into the final product of this project. Each song offers something different that listener will be sure to enjoy. The quality of recording is very professional and very easy to listen to. All of the songs on this project are catchy and unique in their own respect. Goin Up is an album you can listen to all the way through with out skipping tracks. D.A. Freshout deserves respect for the effort put into his artistry. You can find this E.P. on iTunes for purchase. Defiantly worth checking out! D.A. is a prime example of the amazing talent coming out of the bay area.

Reviewed By,

Benjamin Morino

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